Saturday, December 29, 2012


 After many months of not brewing, I finally made another batch today.  This one is a doppelbock, and it should be just over 7% ABV.  I did a partial mash today, with 4.5 pounds of ground malts, and 6 pound of malt extract.  I added 1 ounce of Fuggle pellet hops and 2 ounces of fresh (frozen) Nugget hops.  It's fermenting with a simple dry lager yeast.  I plan to let it ferment for 3-4 weeks before kegging it.  I also plan to add a few cups of fresh brewed coffee at kegging time, I just haven't decided what kind yet.

I have tried several interesting beers since I last wrote, and hope to have a few reviews posted soon, so keep checking back.
This is Dale (to the right,) he's by brother in-law.  This is what happens to him after I give him too many home brews!  I think he sat in the corner and played his ukulele (or ooh-ka-lay-lee as he pronounced it,) for well over an hour.  We all get through the holidays different, but they are always better with a great beer in hand.

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