Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quick reviews

 Laguntis Maxius IPA is a great IPA.  It has a ton of citrus flavor and aroma, and is extremely hoppy.  It is still a well balanced beer with a lot of sweetness from the malts. This beer is good with food or on it's own.  I highly recommend this if you are an IPA fan.
Recently, I've had a craving for scotch.  Not wanting to spend the big bucks on Glenfiddich, I decided to try Dewar's 12 year old, double barrel aged scotch.  Upon opening the bottle I noticed it smelled more like a bourbon than a scotch.  Mixing it with water, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was.  Again, it did have similarities to a bourbon, but still had some of the classic peat, almost smokey flavors of a good scotch.  I also tried a little "neat."  It was still very smooth, and picked up a ton of flavor from the barrels it was aged in.  The was great vanilla flavor with some interesting caramel flavor.  Why this is still not in the same level as a Glenfiddich, it is still a very tasty, respectable scotch, and a nice way to bring in the new year.

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