Saturday, March 3, 2012


We are lucky in eastern Iowa to have a few great craft breweries.  My two favorites are Millstream Brewery and Peace Tree Brewery.  In my last visit to Millstream I tried a Weizenbock (wheat bock.)  This is a style I've never had before, but very much enjoyed.  Nearly a year later, I decided to brew my own.  One of my favorite things about homebrewing, is creating my own recipes, than seeing them through the process.  I really enjoy being able to come up with a recipe, brew the beer, and when I taste it, it comes out just how I thought it would.  My Weizenbock was no exception.  At nearly 8% ABV it will warm you up, but it also has a nice sweetness to it.  So, thank you Millstream for not only making great beer, but inspiring myself (and many others,) to make great beer as well.  Prost!

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