Saturday, March 17, 2012

Neighboring Porter

A few weeks ago, a neighbor, fellow homebrewer, and beer blogger brought me a bottle of his latest Porter.  I forget his exact words, but he thought it wasn't as smooth as he'd like it.  I'd like to say, I thought it was a fairly smooth, easy drinking Porter.  There was a lot of roasted malt character, and that may be what he was referring to, as roasted malt can add some harshness if used in large amounts.  I can think of a few commercial porters I've had that tasted pretty similar to this one.  Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good porter, and look forward to trying more of his beers in the future.

I will say this, the bottle seemed never ending.  I obviously misjudged the size of the bottle thinking I'd have no problems having 2 glasses out of it, but it was easily 4 to 5 glasses.  Not how much I intended to drink when I sat down that night, but these are the types of sacrifices us beer geeks have to make.

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