Saturday, March 9, 2013

 I received 3rd place for Tasters Choice at this years Beers to You and Gourmet Too in Waterloo, IA.  There were about 30 home brews in the competition, and many were excellent, so I'm very happy with third place.  Thanks to everyone that voted for me, and my Caramel Coffee Doppelbock.   I'll be back next year, shooting to at least match this years 3rd place finish.
 This Amber Ale proves how stiff the competition really was.  It didn't place in the top 3, but it's a fantastic example of the style. Perfectly balanced, good malt/biscuit flavor, with the perfect amount of hop bitterness to keep the malts in check.

This is a super easy drinking beer that would be perfect drink to have while grilling on a spring afternoon.  If spring ever gets here, that is.
Sweet Child of Vine by Fulton Brewery in MN, is an above average IPA. Another well balanced brew.  I personally would have liked a touch more flavor and aroma from the hops, but it was a great beer to have with the BBQ chicken nachos I had for supper last night.  I'd be interested in trying some of their other brews.

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