Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beer is good

 First draw from the keg of Caramel Coffee Doppelbock.  This beer turned out perfect.  Thick, rich, sweet, yet balanced.  Caramel and chocolate flavor through in this easy drinking 7.25% ABV brew.

If you'd like to try some, come out to Beers to You in Waterloo on Sunday March 3rd.  You will need a VIP ticket to get into the home brew section, and have the chance to vote for your favorite beer.
Schlafly Brewery out of St. Louis has been producing solid beer for many years.  I recently picked up one of their specialty releases, Single Malt Scottish Style Ale, aged in scotch barrels.  Weighing in at 10.2% ABV, this beer is very easy to drink.  If you like scotch, this is a must have.  It's a perfect combination of beer and scotch.  The smell of a high quality scotch, and oak is the first thing you notice, then you get the perfect balance of scotch flavor mixed with the subtlety and smoothness of a great beer.  The beer itself is a simple, straight forward, yet perfectly brewed light beer, that really takes on the complexity of the scotch and oak barrel that it was aged in.

My hat off the the genius at Schlafly that came up with this amazing brew.

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