Monday, September 3, 2012

Good beer = good people?

I recently received a Hop Henge beer from Deshutes Brewery.
Unfortunately when I popped the top, the was no carbonation left in the bottle.  I soldiered on, and poured the beer anyway.  It had an amazing fruity/hoppy aroma.  Even though it was flat, I drank the entire beer.  It was very good, and that can only mean it would be amazing if fresh and carbonated.  I decided to email the brewery to let them know of the problem.  Within a few days, they emailed me back offering an apology, and a refund.  I decline the refund, but was very impressed they offered to do that.  They emailed back, insisting on sending the refund, and are also throwing in a bottle opener for my trouble.  Than went above and beyond my expectations, and I will be buying one of their beers at the first opportunity I get.

The Kentucky Bourbon Ale has great bourbon flavour, but is a pretty weak beer

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