Saturday, May 16, 2015

Is this Beer Heaven?

 With all the amazing beer and brewery choices out there, it gets a little overwhelming when choosing what to have.  Lately, I've decided to stick with the breweries I know and love, and try more of what they have to offer.  This week, I started off with InterGalactic Warrior from Toppling Goliath.  All they do is make great beer, and this just helps add to their growing legend.  To be honest, when they first started out, I kind of scoffed at their name and reason behind it.  I thought this tiny brewery in Iowa has no business going after the "big guys."  Boy was I wrong.  Clark and the gang have done nothing but produce amazing beer, and have truly made a name for themselves in the craft beer world.  They've proven they can brew terrific beer, grow at a reasonable pace, and have one of the best marketing plans in the business.  People just can't get enough of them, and with good reason.  Cheers to TG, and another fantastic IPA in IGW.
      Another Iowa brewery that should get more attention is WestOBeer.  This is only the second beer of theirs I've had, and I have really enjoyed each one.  This is their Smoked Red Ale.  It already had a non believer in me, as I don't particular care for smoked beers or Red Ales.  Again, I was forced to rethink my preconceived notions, as this beer was incredibly enjoyable.  Just a hint of smoke, great malty balance, and very smooth.  I was extremely impressed with this brew.  Now, they just need to start distributing to my side of the state!
 I like to think I make some pretty good beers too, maybe not on the same level as the two mentioned above, but still pretty good.  This is my Triple Double IPA.  Brewed with 3 kinds of hops (Citra, Mosiac, and home grown Nugget,) and sitting at 7% ABV, I'm pretty pleased with the way this beer has turned out.  If I'm nitpicking, I would replace the Mosiac hops with either more Citra or some Galaxy hops the next time.  Other than that, I have enjoyed my first two glasses from the keg.  This beer is very young, and I expect its flavors to round out a bit in the upcoming weeks.
Pictured above is our new Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy Arson, and his new best friend, our Golden Retriever, Toby.  Arson is finally making progress on his potty training, and has really become a part of the family.  We are all so glad he's a part of home, well, maybe the cats aren't.

I have a private tour set up up with on of my favorite breweries in the whole world.  Tune in next time to read all about it!

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