Friday, September 5, 2014

Chive On!

  This is me and my best friend since the 2nd grade, Waylen on our road trip to Colorado.  I won 2 tickets to Chive Fest Denver from and we took advantage of it.  It was a 12 hours drive followed by some over priced whiskey at the hotel bar in downtown Denver.  A short bus ride the next morning (and meeting a new friend Dan,) and we were at City Park ready to rock.

It's also worth noting that after years of pushing me in my wheelchair when we were younger, Waylen still has it.  Nobody can push a chair like him.
 We enjoyed some good music, made some new friends, got to see Mack, John, and the Chivettes, and drank $8.00 beers.  Thankfully, we were spared from drinking Bud Light, because Redhook had us covered with some easy drinking Longhammer IPA's.

After many hours of enjoying the fest, our age and the 95 degree temps got the best of us, and we headed back to the hotel early to relax in air conditioning.  Of course we enjoyed a few more whiskeys and good old Coors Banquet beers before calling it a night.  I would love to do another Chive Fest, just maybe it could be a bit cooler next time!
 Here's my "Nugget Galaxy" Amber Ale getting kegged.  This is a session beer at 5% ABV, but packed with nearly 3 pounds of fresh nugget hops.  This one should be about ready to try now.
 Perfect beer for my birthday.  Deshutes does it again with their Black Butte XXVI.  I can't say this enough, if you haven't tried them yet, you need to.  This was a very smooth, yet complex brew with hints of oak and cranberry, and at 10.8% ABV I could feel it.
 I found this little gem in Wisconsin Dells at a Famous Dave's.  This is a brewery from my home town of Dubuque, IA.  They aren't open any more, but there is a cool museum down town that you should check out.
In my next blog, I will review my new Nugget Galaxy Amber Ale, as well as Schlafly's Pumpkin beer.  Cheers and Chive on!

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